A downloadable game for Windows

Meet and help four protagonists from around the world in various endeavors 20 minutes before they are faced with a terrible fate.

Each of the protagonists are featured in different personalized mini-games with completely different mechanics and goals. You are essentially getting 4 games out of this!

The keys are different for each but it comes down to this. Only the asian mini-game uses C.

  • Arrows for movement
  • Z - action 1
  • X - action 2
  • C - action 3
  • Zero - Cheat key, only use if you are unable to beat a minigame!

NOTE: The karate minigame is broken!!!


Windows 32bit 20 MB


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That is a great project !

It reminds me of "Flower Sun & Rain".

Glad you went ahead and made the game!

Thanks, the original offending ideas have been toned down and scraped but the main core of the game remains!

really enjoyed this game , couldnt figure out controls on the chi game but its a very funny game.

The karate game is broken as hell but only in the final build. When I playtest it inside of the unity editor it works fine...